All the experience gained in the creation of shows for almost a decade has led us to enter the world of events, creative spaces that allow us to continue investigating and experimenting within our artistic disciplines.

We are related to the world of arts from their own and unusual language, and this causes each piece to take our distinguished label, giving a special and original touch to the proposals. We build events and atmosphere of spaces, giving life to empty rooms, materializing ideas and thoughts and contributing our experience and creativity from the initial idea to the closing of the project.

Our team, made up of professionals from different disciplines – planificators, creative, artists, managers, producers and technicians – is in charge of carrying out any intervention seeking exclusive solutions to all the challenges that we face.

The range of events and settings we cover ranges from delicate and unique to great productions offering excellence, experience and emotion. To achieve this, we work rigorously in the planning, development and execution of projects, taking care of each part of the process in detail. We like to overcome expectations and convert events, into unique and memorable moments.

We cover corporate, cultural or sports events – large and small. We manage content, materials, productions, technical logistics.

Among our latest customers are brands such as Cervezas Moritz, Cruïlla Festival, Òmnium Cultural, Movistar, Tàrrega Fair or Ambar Beers.