Insectotròpics is an artistic collective founded in 2011 in Barcelona. Made up of practitioners from different artistic fields, the group experiment by fusing and interacting between our various disciplines and artistic languages, to create new multidisciplinary performances. The work of Insectotròpics is a long-term commitment, focussed on developing a new relationship with the wider world of the arts by finding their own unusual and unique artistic language.

Insectotròpics is made up of painters Xanu and iex cosmonauta, musician Tullis Rennie, video-explorers Vicenç Viaplana and Laia Ribas and producer Maria Thorson.

The company is currently made up of Laia Ribas, iex cosmonauta, Xanu and Maria Thorson, and is fortunate to have a large insectotropic family to carry out various projects. Some of the members of this great family are André Cruz, Jan Barceló, Marta Lofi, Danio Catanuto, Mar Nicolás, Tito Carlos, Aleix Ramisa, Matias Fabbro and Padi Padilla.

Our first show, La Caputxeta Galactica, which combines live video, painting, theatre and music, is a version of the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood. It was first presented in March 2012 in Barcelona with great success.

We were commissioned by the Barcelona City Council to make a children’s adaptation of the show, which was presented at the festival Món Llibre (April 2012).

Our second show, Bouazizi, co-produced by Fira Tarrega TNT – CAET Terrassa is based on the story of Mohamed Bouazizi and the start of the Arab Spring. It was first presented in September 2013 at Fira Tarrega.

In December 2013, in collaboration with playwright Esteve Soler, choreographer Pere Faura and scenographer Jordi Queralt, we created the show for the Catalan Literature Gala Nit de Santa Llucia, transmitted live by national TV.

In 2015 we won two awards. The Premi BBVA de Teatre 2015 award for best show for La Caputxeta Galàctica and the Fi-Performing Arts Price 2015 awarded by the Creativity and Innovation Direction of the Barcelona Culture Institute for the show Buy Me! This last show was also nominated by the Critics Award as the best Street Art Show 2015.

Buy Me! big scale show that inaugurated Fira Tàrrega in September 2015, is the third show by the company.

In 2017 we present the show The Legend of Burning Man at Fira Tàrrega and in collaboration with the SIRF Festival in Stockton in the United Kingdom.

In 2018 we received the award for best show for La Caputxeta Galactica d at the FIAT festival in Podgorica, Montenegro.

In December 2019 we carried out the artistic action for the presentation of the Nadala for Fundació Carulla.

During 2020 we worked on the creation of Christmas Carol, that was premiered in Barcelona in December 2020.

In 2021 we are working on the creation of Orpheus, that will open in July 2021.

Since our creation, we have presented our shows at festivals in more than 20 countries including most European countries, as well as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan and South Korea.