Buy Me!

“Consumer society rests its case on the promise to satisfy human desires in a way no other society in the past could do ir dreams of doing. The promise of satisfaction remains seductive however, only so long as the desire has not been truly and fully gratified….” Zygmunt Bauman. 

Buy Me! is a reflection about our search for happiness in the consumer society. A complex society which daily confronts invisible beasts, unmentionable dreams and natural rights. Taking Pandora’s myth as the starting point, it tackles dissatisfaction as the worst of evils liberated from the box.

The show is co-produced by Fira de Tàrrega and TNT Festival and has the support of Fabra i Coats – Art Factory.


“Buy Me!” is fascinating in its perfect combination of the most artisan scenic elements with the most technological applications, offering an impeccable execution, which shows the bowels of the process. –

A feast for the senses that makes you lift the anchor for a moment and take you sailing from the theatre festival to the musical festival to dazzle you with a kind of contemporary popular opera – Godot Magazine

 Multidisciplinary orgy with a hundred million proposals or work areas simultaneously. A visual opera with a such a powerful energy and virulence in which I recognize myself. My interior sometimes boils to the rhythm with so many pictures as the performances of Insectotròpics – Desde el Patio Blogspot