Buy Me!

Buy Me! is a reflection on how we are conditioned by the society in which we live, in our search is a reflection on happiness, a show about the way we are and what we seem to be. The show tackles the possibility of redeeming a world in danger of destroying everything that matters to us. A duality that marks the characters, who fall into the temptation to stop being themselves and are perversely invited to acquire a false happiness. A profound reflection on the emptiness of the consumer society that consumes us from day to day. A multidisciplinary production in live cinema by the company, accompanied by the scenography of Jordi Queralt, the costume by Marta Lofi, actors direction and staging by David Climent from and the atavistic and fascinating music of Tullis Rennie and the duet Za!


During the show, the audience will have at their disposal not only the end result of the creative process but also the “work in progress” live. The staging reveals the bowels of the process, the techniques used and its operation.


The show is co-produced by Fira de Tàrrega and Insectotròpics with the collaboration of Teatre Escorxador Lleida, Animac and the support of Fabra i Coats – Art Factory.