The incredible voyage of Little Red Riding Hood

What if the Little Red Riding Hood had a secret dream that we have never known about? What if the wolf instead of being her enemy, helped her reach her dream? Have you ever accompanied someone on an incredible voyage…? Is the moon as far away as it seems? A story that shows the importance of fighting for your dreams and the value of friendship,creativity and imagination.

 ‘La Caputxeta Galactica’ is a multimedia stage show based on the well-known tale of LittleRed Riding Hood, offering a unique view of the popular story. The show brings together three video artists, two painters, a musician and an actress.

 There is the possibility that the company makes a workshop at the end of the show. This workshop uses the structure which has already been set up for the performance to show children the company’s application for new technologies in the performing arts. The workshop aims to be both dynamic and educational. It is a participatory experience where children are divided into groups of actors, painters or vjs.