The Legend of Burning Man

The Legend of Burning Man presents the story of a man whom everyone has heard of, but nobody knows his name. A myth for millions of people, capable of igniting the net and triggering a wave of revolutions.

 To answer a big question of our time: If we are all on the web, who is the spider?

 The proposal is based on the story of Mohammed Bouazizi, a Tunisian man who was the spark for the Arab Spring revolution when he set himself on fire.

A poetic journey where video art, painting, theatre, live music and performance mergeinto a brutal and explosive multimedia show that must be seen in action through the 360° stage. It’s like this so that it’s seen from all possible angles. Just as reality, or a viral piece of news on the net.

 At every moment, in every corner there are different things and all is part of the same seen from different eyes. You need to see it everywhere. The machine becomes operational and begins to offer partial, manipulated and interested visions. The images are manipulated, things become icons that are not, public opinion and even feelings are manipulated.

 The Legend of Burning Man is a revision of the show “Bouazizi”, premiered and co-produced by Fira Tarrega and the TNT Festival in 2013 and updated in 2017 with the artistic collaboration of David Climent from


“An explosive fusion – both brutal and surprising – of fine arts with video, music, dance and theatre.” – Márcia Costa. “Revista Pausa”, Brasil.

“An impressive cascade of images, sounds, ideas, much more intense if you walk around the installation in which everything happens – including the aroma of incense.”– Teatrorama

“Tremendous. A staged contemporary art exhibition. A must-see!” @mmontero7

“Brutal and dynamic. A whirlwind of images and emotions.”– David desde el Patio, Blogspot