Talks and Workshops

Our project generates great interest from the beginning, because of our way of working and because of the fusion of languages. This brings the company to make talks and workshops in schools, universities and theater centers, both locally and internationally. We’d highlight the talks and workshops carried out in the last years in Telenoika, Bau, Barcelona University Desgin Center) or at Malmö Teatercentrum (Sweden) among others.

 One option that works well is to make a talk with a live demo of what we do with video and paint. Thus, after explaining the origins of the company and the creative process, we carry out a workshop in which the assistants participate, resulting in a more enjoying and interactive talk. Talks and workshops work both with children and with adults. The creative experiences as creative laboratories are also another workshop option that works well.

March 2013 – Conference and workshop in Highschool (Salou, Spain)

 April 2013 – Workshop in Telenoika (Barcelona, Spain)

 January 2014 – Bau, Design University Center– conference and workshop (Barcelona, Spain)

March 2014 Teatercentrum. Seminari and workshop (Malmö, Sweden)

 August 2014 – Conference at Gracia (Barcelona, Spain)

 November 2014 – Company presentation at Culthunting, Ars Santa Mònica (Barcelona, Spain)

 April 2016 – Workshop for creation of opening show for Imaginacie festival Imaginacie (Kosice, Slovaquia)

 May 2016 –Talking about companies at the Street Art Production and Exhibition Conferences, Street Arts Plataform and Barcelona Council (Barcelona, Spain)

 February 2017 – Speech sabout International touring at Workshop CASA – Fira Tàrrega with Davide D’Antonio and Yohann Floch, Sala Beckett (Barcelona, Spain)