We organize creative exchange experiences. A field of shared experimentation, open to the public and that delves into the basic principles of the company: the mixing and collective work.

These events are open to everyone to take part. Artists from any field: video creation, cinema, painting, sculpture, music, performing arts, theater, dance, stage design, photography, lighting, writing, etc.

 One of our main objectives is to bring all kinds of creators together in the same space, surrounded by audiences, working freely, individually or collectively, developing multi sensory actions between performance, work in progress, action or live cinema with passive or active audiences, ready to interact with any of the proposals.

 An example of these experiences are the 3 days that we organised using The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri as a subject. This proposal works very well as an experimentation workshop for the fusion of different disciplines and to create synergies between different members of a community.