Insectotròpics also brings its universe into other realms, such as events and settings for galas and proceedings for corporations, foundations, entities, and so on. The company conceives, develops and implements corporate, cultural or sporting events, large and small. It can be in charge of contents, materials, productions, logistics and / or technical aspects.

The team, made up of professionals from different disciplines -creatives, artists, managers, producers, technicians-, is responsible for carrying out any intervention, looking for exclusive solutions to all kinds of challenges. We work rigorously on every part of the process, taking care of every detail, to turn an event into a unique and memorable moment.

The company has set up and directed various events, from small delicate and unique jewels to large productions, always offering excellence, experience and excitement. Space settings, inaugural shows for festivals, bespoke shows for galas and corporate presentations or mapping activities are all part of the Insectotròpics tour.

Òmnium Cultural Gala de les Lletres Catalanes

Artistic creation and production

160th Anniversary of Moritz Beers

Artistic creation and production

Cruïlla Festival BCN

Movistar tent setting: Artistic creation and executive production

Moritz space setting at Fira Tàrrega

Artistic direction and executive production

No callarem (We’ll not be silent)

Artistic intervention in the day ‘Arts, movement and activism’ in the Model Prison in Barcelona


City Hall of Barcelona


Cruïlla Festival BCN

Slovakia Imagination Festival

Carulla Foundation

Moritz Barcelona


Òmnium Cultural

Amber beers

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